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 Our local area in San Antonio is seeing a new surge in COVID-19 hospitalizations and BAMC is under greater stress than any time during the pandemic.  The overall hospital census and COVID-19 admissions are higher while we are again taking a greater proportion of trauma patients for our region.  Despite these challenges, the Department excels and provides the best musculoskeletal care in DOD while ensuring that our residents continue to receive the education needed to perpetuate that legacy.  

Department faculty have highlighted accomplishments on the national stage, continued to drive progress in SOMOS and added to the academic pedigree of the program.  The residency program continues to offer premier education and congratulates the new intern-selects for the Class of 2027:  Mason Adams, Edmund “Patrick” Mullin, Daniel Homeier, Trevor McBride, Ryan Siu and Zach Bowers.  

In this unprecedented time, we know there are many of you who are sustaining the national healthcare system and impacting your departments and practices locally.  Please reach out and let us know how you are facing the challenges of today and shaping the future of orthopaedics.  

Thanks to all for their interest and support of the Association.  Please address any ideas, updates or corrections (all mistakes and omissions are mine) to

We hope everyone and their families/loved ones remain safe and healthy during this time.  


President, SAMMC Orthopaedic Alumni Association

The Alumni Association is proud of its leadership in SOMOS and the contributions of its SOMOS members.   
Learn more about the role of SOMOS in military orthopaedic surgery here.

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