Alumni Research Award Winners

National Award Winners

SOMOS Founder's Award Winners

2015 Winner - CPT David J. Tennent, MD (2018)
“Decreasing Infection in Traumatic Orthopaedic Wounds with Local Antibiotics: A Contaminated Fracture Model"

2014 Winner - MAJ Jaime Bellamy, MD (2015)
“Is Ketorolac the Next Intra-Articular Knee Injection for Osteoarthritis?"

2013 Winner - CPT Jeanne Patzkowski, MD (2014)
“Integrated Orthotic and Rehabilitation Initiative Results in Rapid Improvement"

2010 Winner - CPT Jessica D. Rivera-Cross, MD (2012)
“Return to Duty Following Type III Open Tibia Fracture”

SOMOS Norman T. Kirk, MD Award Winners

2013 Winner - CPT Chad A. Krueger, MD (2015)
“Effects of Local Delivery of D-Amino Acids from Biofilm-Dispersive Scaffolds on Infection in a Contaminated Rat Defect Model”

2012 Winner - CPT Matthew A. Napierala, MD (2014)
“Risk of Obtaining Routine Cultures During Presumed Aseptic Orthopaedic Procedures” 

SOMOS Louise House Award Winners

2011 Winner - CPT Katherine Bedigrew, MD (2015)
"Do Foot Fasciotomies Really Prevent Neuropathic Pain and Deformity?"

2010 Winner - CPT Jessica D. Rivera-Cross, MD (2012)
"Impact of Traumatic Arthritis on a Cohort of Combat Casualties"

Michael T. Mazurek Clinician Scholar Award Winners

2016 MAJ Chad A. Krueger, MD (2015)

2015 MAJ Jeanne C. Patzkowski, MD (2014)

2012 MAJ Travis C. Burns, MD (2009)

San Antonio Orthopaedic Society Roy Davis Award Winners

2019 Nicole M. Sgromolo (2021)

2018 David J. Tennent (2018)

2017  Andrew J. Sheean (2017)

2016 Aaron E. Barrow (2016)

2015 David J. Tennent (2018)

2014 Andrew J. Sheean (2017)

2013 William R. Howarth (2015)

2011 Jeanne C. Patzkowski (2014)

2010 Daniel J. Stinner (2012)

2009 Matthew R. Schmitz (2009)

George E. Omer Research Award Winners

2019 Lee Mangum (CFI)

2018 Richard J. Hurley (2018)

Milton S. Thompson Research Award Winners

2019 Auralea Fain (CFI)

2018 Nicole M. Sgromolo (2021)

Funding provided by the San Antonio Military Medical Center Department of Orthopaedic Surgery Alumni Association.


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