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SAMMCAA Members Charting the Future of Military Orthopaedic Surgery

Your San Antonio Orthopaedic Surgery Department and Residency prides itself not only in providing the best orthopaedic surgical education in the military, but in creating the future leaders of military and civilian orthopaedic surgery. Members serve as Chairs and Program Directors across the country. Former and current AAOS Leadership Fellows continue to drive progress for the orthopaedic community in San Antonio and beyond. Our alumni, current faculty and residents further shape the future for our profession as members of prominent committees on the ACGME, AAOS, AOA, SOMOS and subspecialty societies and institutions at the national, regional and local level. The impact of these dedicated surgeons will be felt for years to come.

Last month at SOMOS, Matt Schmitz's (2009) tireless work to further the Society and expand its membership and influence was rewarded with his installation in the Presidential Line as 2nd Vice President. We will be looking forward to Matt's meeting in 2022! Andy Sheean (2016) was named as Chair of the Membership Committee and Gavin Mills (2022) as the USAF Resident Representative. Congratulations to Chris LeBrun (2006) on a successful year as president.

Andy Sheean, new Membership Committee Chair, and Matt Schmitz, 2nd Vice President, at 61st Annual Meeting of SOMOS last month.

Dr. Sheean, Dr. LeBrun, (2006), Dan Stinner (2014), Patrick Osborn, Sarah Pierrie, Jim Ficke and Joe Hsu (Fac Mbrs) were all in attendance at EWI XV this week. Andy constructed a superb program highlighting the challenges military orthopaedics faces and the potential dangers of faltering readiness. Dr. Osborn presented data clearly showing the predominant role the Department fulfills and must maintain for the Military Health System with each of the SAMMCAA members in attendance authoritatively speaking towards readiness and continuous innovation in our field.

Patrick Osborn (left) and Dan Stinner at the podium at EWI XV.

The Department's overall contribution to Military Health System Orthopaedic Surgeon Readiness in 2018. The data includes procedures directly related to readiness--open management of fractures, damage control and others. Our unique relationship with the City of San Antonio, STRAC and UTHSCSA pays dividends for our patients and all members of the San Antonio team.

On the innovation front, Dr. Sheean also participated in the pre-meeting session for the STaR (Surgical Timing and Rehabilitation) Trial for multi-ligamentous knee injuries. Andy is on the forefront of answering critical questions to optimize functional outcomes for this difficult patient population.

From left, Brian Waterman, Lance Leclere, our own Andy Sheean and Jon Dickens meeting to discuss STaR within the Military Health System.

The entire STaR team meets at EWI XV.

Dr. Schmitz is fully embracing his role as Chairman and traveling the country awakening others to the legacy of excellence and potential the Department represents. Matt ended his term as the Education Committee Chair for PRiSM (Pediatric Research in Sports Medicine Society) at the Society's 7th Annual Meeting earlier this month and is now a member of their Nominating Committee .

Finally, Dr. Osborn is driving change and improvement as a member of the Critical Care Clinical Community for DHA and OTSG's Readiness Initiative team looking to improve the environment, skill and future for Army surgeons. Dr. Sheean is also leading at the DHA level, attending the Tri-Service Post-op Rehabilitation Protocol Consensus Meeting in Bethesda this week. Andy's expertise, along with Mark Slabaugh (2005), is helping to ensure that rehabilitation efforts meet the patient's needs and goals.

As always, we always look to highlight the accomplishments of all our faculty, residents and alumni. If we missed something you or a colleague has done, please let us know via email at so we can feature everyone's hard work.

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