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Go to our homepage for recent updates on the residency, Omer Day and faculty/resident accomplishments. Register for Omer Day, make a donation and sign up for the Golf Tournament here. Green fees are $150/person. Registration is no-cost for Omer Day and golf is included if you make a donation to the Association of $250 or more.

Congratulations to Andrew Sheean (2017)

Andy Sheean with his co-traveling fellows enjoying a break in Florida.

for recently being selected to participate in the Arthroscopy Association of North America (AANA) 2019 Traveling Fellowship. Dr. Sheean and the rest of the traveling fellows visited Dr. Larry Field, current AANA President, in Jackson MS, former Army Orthopaedic surgeon Brian Waterman at Wake Forest University, and Kevin Farmer, head team physician for the University of Florida football team, in Gainesville, FL. The tour concluded at the AANA Annual Meeting in Orlando, FL.

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A long overdue update.....

We have been silent on the website for too long, but that by no means implies that the Department has not been doing great things at all levels. First, congratulations to our Chair, Matt Schmitz (2009

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